Up until 1920, Orounda had a mixed primary school which was housed in the residence where today lives Mr Pavlos Michael and which is located next to the old Primary School.

The construction of the new Primary School was completed in 1921. That school building consisted of a classroom which operated as a boys’ school, whereas the old building operated as a girls’ school. Later on, in 1937, the operation of the old school ceased and the new school became mixed again due to the decrease in the number of pupils. A second classroom of the same architecture was added in 1950, while another new classroom was added to the existing building in 1977-78.

What is worth mentioning is that in the past the teacher used to be appointed by the community and the teaching salary would result after negotiations held directly with the president of the community.

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The State Nursery School operated for the first time in 1979 and it was housed in a private residence. In 1980, the church conceded a plot where the State Nursery School building and the Rural Health Centre were built. Later on, in 1985, a playground park for the Nursery School was created.

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Michalis Fytides

He was born in Orounda in 1904. He graduated from the Pancyprian School with distinction and was appointed teacher. He settled in Morfou where he developed a rich social, cultural and charitable activity. He acted as secretary of the School Inspectorate of Morfou and as a member of the Municipal Committee of Morfou. He contributed articles in newspapers and magazines of farming, educational and folkloric content. After the war, he moved back to Orounda where he continued to participate in common affairs until his death.

Costas Pavlides

He was born in Orounda in 1915. At the age of 20, he migrated to help his family financially. He lived in Ethiopia and Soudan for 19 years. During World War II, he was arrested by the Italians because he was a British citizen. During his arrest, he lost his entire fortune and was forced to return to Cyprus. Later on, after an infection, he lost his leg and it was then that he began to write to pass the time. He published two books through which he narrates his life. His books were titled “From Scylla to Charybdis” and “Between the Clashing Rocks”. In 1983, he was honoured for his contribution to literature by the Pancyprian Organisation for the Handicapped.

Orounda Community Council Texts

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